A special technology protects the fabric of sofas and armchairs from all kinds of stains. Whether coffee, wine, ink or anything else, all you have to do is blot the stain and apply a bit of soap and water to bring it back to its original state.

Buying materials with anti-stain protections means choosing materials that are top quality, long lasting, easy to clean and perfect for homes where there are small children or animals.
Go to the Forum site to find the anti-stain material that you are looking for. The softness of the fabric, the quality of the weave, the durability of the material, the customisation options, the numerous colour combinations, together with courtesy, willingness to help and professionalism, and – vitally – the ability to meet deadlines: Dima is all this and more. Working in partnership with Dima means having a company alongside you to handle the design from start to finish, providing pre and post-sales assistance, combined with special on-site checks prior to assembly.
Dima brings appeal and beauty to you, without forgetting the personal touch.

These are materials that are suitable for use in publicly-used buildings or hotels; they are governed by very specific regulations.

A distinction should be drawn between materials that don't burn, but smoulder and produce carbon dioxide, and others that burn slowly. There are also materials that are naturally fire-resistant, because of their individual chemical structure, and those which become resistant to fire after treatment.
Visit the Forum website to find the fire-resistant material that best suits your needs.

The difference is in the details. Our in-house tailor's shop means that materials can be customised by adding logos and ad hoc designs, made upon request.

This is an option that makes both the fabric and the area where it is used unique, as in for example a hotel room or reception area.
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